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Using Math to Fill Out Your Bracket

As millions of Americans use several methods to fill out the brackets for the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournaments, a professor offers a way to help using Mathematics.

Dr. Tim Chartier is with the National Museum of Mathmetics, and during a Monday interview on KRZK's "Ozarks Now" program, he talked about a program that he and other professors and students came up with several years ago to use math rankings as a way to sort out the field of teams for both the NCAA Men's and Women's Tournaments. The formula is based on existing rankings then adding criteria that each individual would like to use including home and road records and time of the season teams won or lost games. He said that while factors like injuries and a team playing better than or less than their best on a given day do impact each game, for individuals that may not know the schools as well, it could help in the selection process. 

The website is

The complete interview with Dr. Tim Chartier can be heard below:

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