Survey: 1 in 20 Arkansas Residents Missed in Recent Census Count

    A survey released by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that Arkansas had the highest percentage of missed residents during the recent census count.

    The survey says an estimated 5% of Arkansas residents were missed in the census, a slightly higher percentage than the state of Tennessee ranking as the states with the highest undercounts, coming out to around 1 out of 20 residents that were missed. 

    The figures are part of the Post-Enumeration Survey based on the number of people actually counted compared to the number of people estimated to resident in a state based on other data collected over time. 

    Overall nationally, six states were reported to have undercounts while eight states were reported to have overcounts. The other states, including Missouri, were reported not to have significant discrepancies either low or high. 

    While the undercount in Arkansas did not have an impact on the number of seats for the state in the House of Representatives, undercounts in Florida and Texas may have cost them a seat while overcounts in Minnesota and Rhode Island may have prevented them from losing House seats. 

    More information on the survey can be found on the U.S. Census Website. 

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