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Scarborough Talks Health and the U.S. Diet

Personal trainer Todd Scarborough, a healthy living expert, talked Wednesday about fitness.

Scarborough appeared on KHOZ's "Around The Table" to discuss this. The former bodybuilder said he doesn't recommend everyone competes but wants everyone desiring healthier living to "get mad at themselves first." He explained that it's about having an attitude to change. Scarborough highlighted the American diet as contributing to poor health in U.S. citizens.

He said the typical American diet doesn't lend itself to health. He offered praise for the food patterns of places like China but mentioned a less healthy moment in their history.

20 years ago, he said, fast-food chains entered China. What followed was a decline in health. He said the country's health minister directed that the state of health reverse.

This is because more cases of health issues were present. The personal trainer said China's people were hit with diabetes, heart disease and more.

He didn't push ridding Americans of enjoying "meat and potatoes" but promoted a better balance with carbs.

The full interview with Scarborough is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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