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Omaha Mayor Expressed Surprise Over the City's Growth

On Tuesday, Omaha Mayor ​Leslie King expressed that he's surprised that the city has grown the way it has.

King appeared on KHOZ's "Around The Table" to talk about the city. He explained that many of the people moving to their are from outside Arkansas and are seeking cheap land. These buyers are looking for land close to city water lines. In contrast to the growth, the 2020 census tells a different part of the story.

The mayor said that the 2020 census revealed the city to have a population of 120. A solution to increase the population is not off the table.

King explained that the possibility of giving the city a wider boundary line has been discussed. Growth may lead to an unpopular action.

Part of the action to up the population may involve increasing sales taxes to fund the town. More was discussed on the broadcast.

The full interview with King is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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