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Nissan seeks to cut EV costs, considers hybrid trucks

(Green Car Reports) — Nissan on Wednesday revealed a new approach to developing the core components for its EV and e-Power series hybrid models—leading to what Nissan believes to be price parity with non-hybrid internal combustion models around 2026.

Under the so-called X-in-1 philosophy, core components of both battery electric and e-Power powertrains (3 for EV, 5 for e-Power) will be modularized, with some sharing between the two—an approach that allows them to be produced on the same line.

Such sharing and modularization of core components will help reduce powertrain costs by approximately 30% when it’s introduced in 2024, compared to 2019, and by around 2026, when they are due to be ramped up for mass production, it will enable that price parity.

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