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Murder Charges to be Dismissed Against Rocky Dodson

The state will be dismissing murder charges filed against Rocky Dodson, due to a major shift in the confidence level attached to information provided from certain sources during the investigation.

The charges are being dismissed in a way that will allow the state to refile them if circumstances change according to a report by KTLO. 
The 53-year-old Dodson, a former high school principal and head basketball coach at Omaha, is accused of killing his then 36-year-old wife, Amanda, in early March 2022.

The oft-delayed jury trial was set for July 1 in the Boone County Courthouse in Harrison. 

14th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney David Ethredge said information initially obtained from the state Medical Examiners’ Office, for example, made prosecutors feel confident that the victim had not died from any type of accident.

Recent discussions with Medical Examiner’s staff and others involved in the case caused prosecutors to be much less confident as to what led to Amanda Dodson’s death, as compared to the initial information provided in the early days of the investigation.

More details can be found with the full story on the  KTLO Website.

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