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How to Guard Against Fire Emergencies This Christmas

Christmas nears closer, and Harrison Fire Chief Marc Lowery is encouraging fire safety.

Lowery appeared on KHOZ's "Around The Table" on Wednesday to discuss the topic. The chief gave several tips.

  1. Don't use live trees - Lowery said he doesn't allow live trees in house. That's because real trees burn faster and become more susceptible to doing so as they dry out. He said candles and electrical shorts can contribute to setting trees ablaze.
  2. Don't overload electrical circuits - The fire chief said this isn't a common occurrence like it used to be due to the transfer to more low voltage Christmas lights, but he added that the potential is still there.
  3. Don't put a turkey in a full bowl of boiling oil - Doing that could cause a fire.
  4. Don't burn Christmas wrapping paper and boxes outside - The fire chief said that Arkansas state law does not allow for burning such items. He recalled a time from several years ago when people were burning their Christmas paper; that caused a lot of grass fires in Boone County.

More was discussed during the broadcast. The full interview with Lowery is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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