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Founder of The Arkansas Family Council Talks Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Founder of The Arkansas Family Council Jerry Cox talked Tuesday about recreational marijuana legalization.

Cox appeared in a recorded interview that played during Tuesday's "Around The Table" broadcast on KHOZ. Cox doesn't favor recreational marijuana.

"I think most people here in Arkansas would agree that Arkansas does not need another drug problem," Cox said. He said the "marijuana industry" is attempting to "write themselves" into the Arkansas Constitution and thus give life to another drug issue. Later, Cox mentioned issues that even supporters of legalization have with the current proposal.

He said that "even the most ardent marijuana supporters" don't support this. "They say Issue 4 is horrible because of the way it's put together," he said. The Arkansas Family Council Founder also said it's because of the way "outside interests have come into Arkansas."

Cox's said that voters "need to vote no on marijuana Issue 4." He discussed this and more during the interview.

The full interview with Cox is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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