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Circle of Life Serves Community and North Arkansas College Students and Helps Achieve Dreams and Goals

Deena Dillard from Circle of Life said Tuesday that the organization is a 501(c)(3) offering services to North Arkansas College and the community; specifically, they serve pregnant or parenting women 27 and younger.

The mom's baby must be three months or younger at enrollment. Dillard appeared on KHOZ's "Around The Table" to talk about it. She said the school is partnering with them to serve the community and students. "We serve high crisis, high poverty young families," Dillard said. It's a program centered on home visiting and also serves whole families.

"So, we go to their homes and invest in their lives," she said. Every family involved has an assigned "family support worker." They visit homes to determine what the families' history and needs are. One of the needs met is education.

"A lot of the families in our program have just not had a fair shot at life," Dillard said. Circle of Life aims to help these families achieve their dreams and goals. First, their most basic needs are met.

A lot of community donations are received; Dillard said the "ultimate goal is to empower them." Anyone wanting to reach Dillard about joining the program can reach her at 870-391-3506. There are about five or six openings now.

Families are in the program until their baby turns three years old. The moms in the program, Dillard said, desire a "different life for their children." More was discussed on the broadcast.

The full interview with Dillard is on the "Around The Table" Facebook Page.

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