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Childcare Continues to Be a Challenge for Working Parents

Photo courtesy Missouri Department of Social Services

One sector of the community continues to try and rebound after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Natalie Boyle, founder of the National Organization "Mommies in Need" talked about the ongoing issues during an interview this week on KRZK's "Ozarks Now" program. Boyle said nearly 40% of Child Care Facilities closed down during the pandemic. While some were not able to reopen, those that did raised their rates due to the supply and demand dynamics as well as inflation. 

Boyle said many parents, especially working mothers, have not been able to return to the workforce after the pandemic because of not being able to afford to put their children in daycare. 

Boyle says some bigger businesses and organizations have been adding childcare on site to try and entice more women back to work. 

The complete interview with Natalie Boyle from "Ozarks Now" can be heard below:


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